Where to Begin?


Lab-O-Matic Implementation Map

This handy tool gives you a quick overview of the various and complementary pieces of the Lab-O-Matic.  Combine this map with the Companion Guide (link below) and you're off to a great start using the Lab-O-Matic!

Lab-O-Matic Downloads

LOM Companion Guide


The companion guide to your Lab-O-Matic is designed to be a quick way of making the most out of your new best friend.  You’ll find it easy to use and full of useful information relating to the important skill of designing quality experiments.  

LOM Vocab Cards


 This is a set of manipulatives.  Each card has a vocabulary word on it associated with the LOM and experimental design.  Use it with beginners to diagram an experiment prior to beginning the real thing! 

LOM Vocab Builder


This mini Lab-O-Matic includes only the keywords on which students need to focus when beginning work.  Students can fill in working definitions of each word, and then keep it as a reference during future work. 

LOM Vocab Example


Use this as a teaching tool and reference sheet when introducing the vocabulary needed to successfully use the Lab-O-Matic line of products. 

Full-sized LOM


This is the full Lab-O-Matic, with a back designed as a flexible area in which students can record observations and data, create graphs and make notes.

LOM Write Up Handout


Are you ready to remove some of the scaffolds of the LOM?  This handy lab write-up guide helps students transfer the processes practiced in the LOM to a more open-ended lab report format.